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Chiropractor for Stress In Manahawkin, NJ

Stress condition treatment chiropractor Manahawkin, NJ

As a parent of two beautiful high school boys, I’ve recently become more aware of how they feel and relate to the world around them more than ever before. I’m not the only parent concerned about how their children, spouse, or loved ones are emotionally dealing with the incredible changes we’ve endured in recent years. Over the last three years, we’ve seen more anxiety, depression, and stress inundate our lives than ever before. At Healing Hands of Manahawkin, we’ve seen team members’ and patients’ bodies break down from the severe and significant stress they’re dealing with, some as young as teenagers!

We have been through a lot of changes in recent years. Inflation is up, gas prices are skyrocketing, stores are running out of products, and small businesses have been forced to close their doors. We live in a vacation destination, and many of our bars and restaurants are closing because of soaring food prices and their inability to get products that used to be easy to procure. A sign at one of our local restaurants informs customers they’re no longer giving salad with meals because of an increased price of lettuce. This stress has become unbearable not only for our teenagers, who are now more medicated than ever, but for our entire community.

What Is The Relationship Between Stress And Illness?

Current medical research states that stress causes 95% of all disease and illness. The other 5% is considered to be genetic in nature. That should blow your mind but also empower you. If only 5% of our illnesses come from our genes, that means that 95% of chronic illness comes from some type of environmental factor. The good news is you have complete control over your environment and how your body relates to it. There are three classifications of stress.

  • Physical Stress – things like slips and falls, car accidents, sporting injuries, poor posture, and sitting at your computer for long periods of the day
  • Chemical Stress – toxins in our air, food, and water
  • Emotional Stress – how our mind and thoughts relate to the experiences happening around us

As chiropractors, we call those three types of stress the three T’s, thoughts, toxins, and traumas. Every single person on the planet is exposed to physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

In recent years, toxic overload from unwanted and unneeded vaccines has contributed to the breakdown of our community’s health. Autoimmune disease, neurological symptoms, and cardiovascular disease have risen significantly in the last two years. Bizarre cardiovascular symptoms and neurological problems in “perfectly healthy young adults”, are popping up out of the blue because of these toxins, causing a drastic increase in inflammation that damages the heart, gut, brain, and nervous system. If you were forced to get a vaccine in recent years to save your job or for your children to go to school, and you are noticing side effects, what should you do next?

  1. First, you should report it. A small group of cardiologists from our local hospital has put together a small team of nurses and physician assistants to collect data from patients who have had adverse effects from the vaccine so they can report these side effects to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. If this is you, contact our office, and we will help you report it to the cardiologist who is leading this team and submitting the data.
  2. Next, assist your body in the natural healing process to reduce inflammation and allow your body to heal the damaged tissue naturally from the inside out.

How is YOUR BODY responding to stress?

When most people think of chiropractic care, they typically only associate it with physical stressors, like slips and falls, fender benders, sporting injuries, or simply sitting at your computer or playing video games. Although that is true, chiropractic care also helps your body heal from the damage caused by toxic and emotional stress as well.

The International Chiropractic Association states a vertebral subluxation is a stress response – muscles spasm, spinal bones lock up, and adjacent nerves are choked or chafed. This interferes with the control, healing, and regulation of your body. Stress, whether a slip or a fall, the death of a loved one, having to take a test, or being forced to take a vaccination, leads to vertebral subluxation. Subluxation leads to dysfunction and disease by disrupting communication between the brain and the body. When the brain loses its ability to communicate properly with the body, the cells, tissues, and organs become confused. They can’t heal from injuries or respond to the environment optimally, and organs lose their ability to function properly.

What would happen to your home if you slowed the electricity flowing through it? Things would stop working – your TV would glitch, the internet would go in and out, and appliances may stop working altogether. Your brain and nervous system are the electrical system of the body. Subluxations dim the energy flow throughout your body, disrupting vital organ function. If left uncorrected, disease develops, inflammation pursues, and the body loses its ability to heal.

It’s critical to get checked for subluxation as soon as possible, as early as birth, whether you are in pain or not. The scariest part about subluxations is you don’t know you have them unless you are checked by a licensed chiropractor. In fact, by the time you feel pain from a subluxation, your tissue is already breaking down, and inflammation has set in. The body can heal damaged tissue to a certain point, but we can’t make things rise from the dead. Once tissue is void of life force, it cannot be restored. That’s why it’s critical to be checked for subluxations as soon as possible. In fact, a chiropractor has nothing to do with back pain and everything to do with helping you live your most vibrant life possible.

Seek Natural Healthcare First

I have a patient who first came to me visibly ill and exhausted from suffering for decades with multiple health problems. Her body was breaking down. She had tried everything, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and even going to some of the best specialists in their fields. Every doctor told her all her problems were in her head because they couldn’t find “anything wrong with her”. She told me Healing Hands was her last hope; she was ready to give up on life. We got straight to work.

  1. We listened. We opened up a safe space for her to unload everything weighing her down and causing her stress. We listened to what was important to her and what she wanted to achieve from care. We really got to know who she was as a foundation to build a trusting relationship.
  2. We performed a comprehensive physical exam using posture analysis. Posture is not only a window to her spine but a window to her and her entire nervous system.
  3. We took X-rays. X-rays are absolutely critical to the proper diagnosis of subluxation. They also ensure the patient’s safety and allow us to really understand the patient’s condition so we can set realistic goals for recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a problem with my spine?

In our office, our doctors take a complete history, perform a thorough chiropractic evaluation, use a computerized app to analyze posture, and take X-rays in any area of the spine where we see postural distortions.

Is chiropractic safe?

Yes, absolutely! Chiropractic care is the safest form of healthcare on the planet, proven by the fact that a chiropractor’s malpractice insurance is about 1% of a medical doctor’s.

What kind of education does a chiropractor have?

Chiropractors go through a vigorous three and a half years of chiropractic college after undergrad with a course load parallel to medical school.

What does a chiropractic visit look like?

Most visits to our office are about 20 to 25 minutes. Most patients start with an exercise called neuromuscular re-education to help establish new muscle memory. Next, they receive an adjustment which we lock in place with spinal traction. Adjustments are easy, safe, gentle, and feel amazing.

Are X-rays necessary?

If we find a clinical reason for taking an X-ray, they are necessary. The amount of radiation for a full spine X-ray is minimal and not cumulative. The benefit of accurate clinical diagnosis greatly outweighs the amount of radiation that’s passing through the body.

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