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Meet Dr. Nicole Bonner

Dr. Nicole Bonner


Dr. Nicole Bonner has been serving the Southern Ocean County community for the past 14 years. She is dedicated to sharing the knowledge, commitment and passion that she has with every man, woman and child, to help families reach their greatest health yet! She has committed her life’s work to helping others in need because as a child she was very ill and knows firsthand what it’s like to be spending more money and more time on medication to only be getting sicker and sicker.

As a child, Dr Bonner suffered with severe sinus and allergy problems that developed into asthma. At a very young age Dr Bonner was taking several dangerous medications which led to even more health problems. The medication only weakened her system leading to weeks of steroids and antibiotics at a time over the course of her childhood and adolescent years.

It wasn’t until she was a teenager that Dr Bonner found the secret to good health and still lives her life by that today. Disgusted, frustrated and afraid, Dr Nicole’s parents reluctantly took her to a chiropractor on a recommendation from a family friend. What happened next was almost miraculous! Within a short period of time, Dr Nicole started to regain her health. The sinus and allergy problems began to dissipate over just a few months and the asthma disappeared completely. So, after completing the pre-med program at Seton Hall University, she declined her acceptance into medical school and started her chiropractic degree at Parker University in Dallas Texas. The rest is history!

After 22 years in practice, Dr Bonner knows that the most important patient is the one that is sitting in front of her. She is a true giver and healer!

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