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The Casualties of Stress In Manahawkin, NJ

The Casualties of Stress | Chiropractor for Stress Relief in Manahawkin, NJ

Hey everybody, it is Dr. Nicole Bonner with Healing Hands of Manahawkin. And this is your monthly health class. So stress, stress, stress, then what does chiropractic have to do with stress? And I would say the answer to that question is just about everything, just about everything. Why? Because stress is the cause of vertebral subluxation, or temporal subluxation is the condition that all chiropractors look for. Look, man, here’s what’s been going on in the last two to three years, stress has skyrocketed. Like I have never seen it before. In my last 46 years, on the planet, I’m sure there are some people that are watching this hack today that have seen years of our country be under a massive amount of stress. But in my lifetime, this is this this last two to three years has really taken the game.

Chiropractic Care for Stress Reduction

So what does this have to do with chiropractic? Well, the International Chiropractic Association states and this is a quote, vertebral subluxation is a stress response. Muscles go into spasm. Bones locked up, and adjacent nerves are choked. Hey, hey, Dr. Nicole Bonner here with healing hands on my Anna Hakan, and this is your monthly health. Hi. So we’re talking about stress? What does chiropractic have to do with stress? And I would say the answer to that question is just about everything. The International Chiropractic Association states I quote, a vertebral subluxation is a stress response. Muscles go into spasm, spinal bones lock up and adjacent nerves are choked off or take. This interferes with the control and regulation of your body, this garbles communication between the brain and parts of your body. So what the heck does that all mean? Well, let me explain. So your brain, as you already know, you already know this stuff, by the way, your brain controls everything about your body, your brain is like the hard drive to a computer. So your brain to your body is like the hard drive is to a computer, it runs everything. And the brain runs the body by sending electrical impulses through the spinal cord. The spinal cord is like a thick electrical wire that travels through the center of the spinal bones, and connect your brain to basically everything else in your body. That’s how your brain talks to your body. And that should make that to make good sense. Then the information that as it travels through the spinal cord, it exits the spine, travels over all the nerves throughout the body. And that is how all of the cells, the tissues and the organs in your body, know how to function and know to keep you alive.

Fixing Subluxations with Chiropractic Care

So why should you see a chiropractor like how do you how do you know when you see a chiropractor? Well, when subluxations dim the energy to your body, it can cause dis ease this hype and ease. What does that mean? That means that the organs and the tissues in the body are not functioning properly, and the body becomes uncoordinated, that loses its ability to adapt to the environmental stresses on the outside subluxations or vertebral subluxation that condition I was just speaking about dims the energy flow throughout your entire body. So how does this happen? Well, you’ve all felt it at one time or another. So remember, the clinical pinched nerve that you got when you slept the wrong way in in bed. You remember that? Well, here’s the thing. The same nerves that go from your neck all the way down in your arm, are the same nerves that branch off and they go to all of the vital organs in your body. So anytime that a nerve is tense, tight or snatched as it exits the spine, the information traveling through the nerve is defeated to the body and then the body cannot function properly. So why is it important to see a chiropractor, it’s important to see a chiropractor because if you have subluxation, which you don’t always know that you have you don’t always feel it. If you have subluxation in your spine. It is depleting energy to vital organs of the body and it’s creating an underlying problem or underlying cause to dysfunctions that are happening Then the body.

So if you want to be as strong and as healthy and as vibrant and energetic as you can possibly be, have your spine check, find out if you have this condition called vertebral subluxation and find out if it’s too late to correct it. Alright guys, of course if you have any questions, leave us some questions and comments down in the comment section. And let us know that these videos are providing you value. Many blessings, talk soon!

Dr. Nicole Bonner

Dr. Nicole Bonner has been serving the Southern Ocean County community for the past 14 years. She is dedicated to sharing the knowledge, commitment and passion that she has with every man, woman and child, to help families reach their greatest health yet!

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